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Notice: For the month of March 2015, Custom Kittys will only be selling
the following three cat furniture models. We normally offer 25 different
desings but for this month Custom Kittys will not be taking custom orders.
We have built multiple of our best top 3 selling designs, in many heights
& color combinations. They are built & ready for local pick-up/delivery.

We have them on sale this week at our lowest prices EVER!

Don't miss out & enjoy the savings!

      6'5" tall, five level kitty condo!
      Free SD delivery!
      Our non sale price is $220!

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Over $80 dollars in savings!

      5'5" - 6'5" tall, you chose!
      Our all time best seller!
      Our non sale price is $185!

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The #1 deal in cat furniture!

      3 feet tall, perfect next to windows!
      18x18" base, takes up little room!
      Our non sale price is $75!

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Buy 2 or more at only $45 ea.!

#1 cat furniture.

Handcrafted in San Diego, CA. | Since 2008 | (760) 270 2717

Welcome to Custom Kittys! We create top quality handcrafted cat furniture. Available exclusively to San Diego at unbeatable manufacturer's prices! We are creating our own kind of cat furniture & setting our standard in quality. Always striving towards a better design & product. Years of experience in all ranges of custom work & restorations. We have learned & mastered cat furniture & now offer a product that is like no other, each piece is unique to each cat!

Zero glues or harmful chemicals! Just wood, carpet, nails, screws & staples, complimented with 1/2" thick natural sisal rope! Your choice of color(s) high quality carpet, bonded to the wood by thousands of staples. One by one skillfully placed between the carpet fibers, there are staples nearly every inch! Your cat will never come in direct contact with anything but carpet & rope! Zero obligations on all orders! - our quality is guaranteed!

Its more than just cat furniture, its Custom Kittys!

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