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Welcome to Custom Kittys! We create top quality handcrafted cat furniture. Available exclusively to San Diego at unbeatable manufacturer's prices! We are creating our own kind of cat furniture & setting our standard in quality. Always striving towards a better design & product. Years of experience in all ranges of custom work & restorations. We have learned & mastered cat furniture & now offer a product that is like no other, each piece is unique to each cat!

Zero glues or harmful chemicals! Just wood, carpet, nails, screws & staples, complimented with 1/2" thick natural sisal rope! Your choice of color(s) high quality carpet, bonded to the wood by thousands of staples. One by one skillfully placed between the carpet fibers, there are staples nearly every inch! Your cat will never come in direct contact with anything but carpet & rope! Zero obligations on any order - our quality is guaranteed!

Its more than just cat furniture, its Custom Kittys!

Awesome price.

Custom Kittys cat furniture is made in North County San Diego from locally bought materials. No glues or chemicals are ever used in construction. Thousands of well placed heavy duty staples combined with our own techniques & skill create the thighest carpet fit guaranteed. All our furniture comes in one piece to ensure maximum strenght. No visible screws, & no bolts are ever used! Our furniture is garanteed the sturdiest & most stable. Designed for Bengal cats, no cardboard or "faux fur" are even considered. Only heavy duty wood, thick carpet, deck screws, staples, & 1/2 thick natural sisal rope are our building materials. We design our furniture to last for years! With Custom Kittys your purchase becomes an investment! We also offer re-carpeting services only available for Custom Kittys furniture!

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Whatever your needs or budget, Custom Kittys will work with you! You can find SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE, or X-LARGE furniture by clicking the tabs in our easy to follow navigation menu. There you will find our top sold designs, they have a fixed price & dimensions. For custom work, email us with your budget and a description of what you are trying to get done. We will work one-on-one with you to get you exactly what you are looking for, your idea will be translated to a sketch, try us! Also, if you find a design elsewhere, email us a picture & we can replicate any design with Custom Kittys quality & guarantee!

Payments are made in cash or through this website via Paypal. Ask about our payment plans for big projects! On the ORDER tab you can find more info on payments, delivery, carpet colors, as well as the order form to fill out.

In our HOME page you will find news & updates, as well as articles by Custom Kittys telling you all you need to know about cats & cat furniture. Call or email with any questions, look forward to working with you!


B. I.

San Diego needs to know about you!!! I'm really happy with the product, no obligation on orders, completely custom and at your prices? SO GLAD I FOUND YOU!!!

G. S.

I love telling my cat friends I got a custom made cat house from you guys! No cheap china made could compare!

A. W.

We can't begin to express how thrilled we and our girls are with our new Custom Kittys cat tree! It really exceeds all our expectations. The tree is everything we could have hoped for and more, and all three of our cats love it. Since this was a custom order with modifications being made on the fly, we had no idea what to expect, but Custom Kittys really went above and beyond to fill our order, complete with an in-home consultation and free delivery. I simply cannot recommend strongly enough what a wonderful job they did and how happy we are with our new cat tree. Thanks Custom Kittys!

J. A.

Great work! Im glad I found you! I was shopping for days and I counld't find a cat house that fit my house. Your advice was precise and the kitty condo came out great! the cats love it! thank you again, will tell others :)

T. G.

Second kitty condo I get from you, the prices are amazing specially for custom made work. Will call you when I need to get more, thanks for doing such a good job.

E. D.

Thanks again for the kitty condo, both my cats and kids love it. Great fun, thanks!

C. S.

Having a one of a kind product made by an expert, money happily spent!

T. M.

Right color, right height, right width, I was very impressed with how you work. Very personalized product & service, thank you.

K. B.

Can't believe the prices of these things at the store! My cat was tearing up my house, so glad I heard about you, you gave me a discount on an already discounted product -Thanks! Delivered for free at my house, cant beat that, I'm definatelly going to send my friends your way!

These are just some of our latest reviews, if you sent one & you want to see it here, let us know! Or if you want to send one write to us at: subject: Testimonials

Thank you for helping us stick around, we look forward to continue making our kitty condos for many years to come, many thanks!

One of the main reasons for purchasing cat furniture should be the well being & safety of your cat. To some this may be old news, but to you new cat owners heres some info you need to know!

There are many dangers facing outdoor kittys. Cars, coyotes, did you know about feline aids? Also, a new study revealed that house cats are killing 4 billion wild animals per year! Letting your cat roam the streets is not only dangerous to your cat & your family, but also irresponsible to nature. Many new cat owners declaw their cats to keep them from scratching the furniture, don't do that! You got a cat, & cats come with territory. Scratching, roaming, hunting, getting into trouble, being playful & curious, those are things that come with having cats. Deal with them responsibly by keeping your cat indoors where its safe, keeping them entertained with toys, & cat furniture is truly your savior.

A well built condo will last you years, provide shelter, comfort, territory, exercise for your cat. Keeping them indoors and healthy, while keeping your furniture, curtains, and sanity intact!

Don't let one vet bill cost what a kitty mansion could have.
NEW! - Ask about our awesome Custom Kittys' kitty stairs!

One of the coolest designs in cat furniture! Our Custom Kittys kitty stairs make the most out of very little space! Incredibly stable, this new design opens up a lot of new spaces for your cat to explore! Your cat can now make use of that empty space up on your wall & turn it into their own little home!

6 ft. tall - $180
7 ft. tall - $200
8 ft. tall - $220

(for taller or shorter price is + or - $20 per foot)

NEW! - Custom Kittys' kitty library!

Be the coolest person on your block with a bookself that doubles as a kitty condo! Available in white, black, and stained wood finish!

Black or white - $320
Stained wood - $350

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